Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the lessons three hours long?

Longer lessons create a more relaxed learning environment and facilitate a “mental switch” from children’s native language to English.  In addition, longer lessons allow for a variety of real-life as well as structured experiences, including long-term activities and field trips out of the home.  These immersive experiences introduce a variety of vocabulary and grammar, as well as the opportunity to repeat vocabulary and grammar in different situations. Adults and younger children may opt for shorter lessons but we do believe that a minimum of three hours a week is needed for children to progress as intended.

What kind of activities will my child experience?

We tailor lessons to your child’s interests, learning styles and English goals.

Our students are exposed to a range of activities in order to keep their lessons interesting as well as to provide varied new vocabulary and language use.  During a three-hour session he will enjoy both structured learning time and supplemental activities as well as spontaneous play. With the parents’ approval, children may also leave the home with their teacher for an even greater range of experiences. Some in-home activities are: singing and music, arts and crafts, sports and physical games, yoga and stretching, cooking/baking and snack time, reading books, puzzles, games, imaginative and creative play, building and structural work. Some out-of-home activities are: visiting playgrounds, going to a grocery store, walking in nature, going to a zoo/museum etc., or interactive cultural experiences around Prague.

How can I follow my child’s progress?

Your teacher will conduct an initial assessment at the start of the lessons in order to make an individual learning plan.  At the end of the year, parents will receive a review of what was learned and where their child currently stand in their language learning. Monthly reports of lesson goals and activities are also available upon request.

Must a parent be at home during the lesson?

No. Parents are not required to be present during the lesson time.   Our teachers are qualified to provide basic child care such as picking up from school, changing clothes, preparing food and transportation, as long as the locations are easily reachable by public transport and necessary items are provided.

Can my children have lessons together?

Organic English is for the whole family! We are happy to add one additional child to the lesson as long as the learning environment is not affected. Our first priority if the children’s education, so if children become distracted or disrespectful due to the presence of another child, the teacher may elect to focus split the time between the children.  If the teachers decided to focus on one child at a time, they may still endeavor to plan activities which both can enjoy.

Can my child have lessons with a friend?

In our experience children do not learn as well when lessons are shared with a friend.  They are typically more distracted in the presence of a friend and tend to communicate with each other in their native tongue, which impairs the “mental switch” that our method strive for. However we are willing to discuss this option with interested families as we know each situation is different.

Can we choose our child’s teacher?

All of our teachers meet Organic English’s high standards and receive support from the company.  Teachers are selected by management based on how we believe their personalities will mesh with your child’s, as well as by availability.

All of our teachers are native speakers, University educated, certified teachers and experienced with children.

Can we have lessons on the weekends?

Organic English provides lessons regularly through the school year but not during the summer, on public holidays or on weekends. However, special arrangements can be made in some cases depending on the teachers availability.

Where do the lessons take place?

Lessons typically take place in and around your home, as long as transportation arrangements can be made. With parents’ permission, the location may shift to a public place such as a playground, shopping area or museum.  Organic English does not provide a private location for lessons.

Who is eligible for Organic English lessons?

Our method is suitable for any age and level! We just require that students be potty trained and willing to participate. Adults and younger children may opt for shorter lessons but we do believe that a minimum of three hours a week is needed for children to progress as intended.

Will my child be taught to read and write?

Dependent on the students age and ability to read and write in his native language, children may be taught literacy skills in Organic English lessons. In all cases, English books and “storytime” will play a part in lessons, and literacy and literature will be emphasized as important and interesting.

What happens if we cancel lessons?

Lessons canceled more than 24 hours before the start of the scheduled lesson (“early cancelations”) are not charged, but must be canceled in writing via SMS or email with a relevant subject line. Such early cancelations are limited to 25% in each billing cycle.  The credit for lessons which are canceled will be transferred to the next billing cycle or returned. Planned absences such as holidays and school in nature should be reported at the beginning of the semester. Early cancelations may be made-up depending on the teacher’s availability.

Lessons canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time are paid.

When can we enroll?

Families may enroll at any time to begin the following autumn.  Mid-year starts are possible but cannot be guaranteed.

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