About Us

I worked for several schools in Prague before I started tutoring children one-to-one.  Although each of the schools were different, they had a few things in common.

Some children paid attention during the lesson time, while some daydreamed.  Some used the English words they knew to communicate with native-English teachers, while others asked friends to translate or only spoke to the Czech teachers. Some children learned English, while others didn’t.  

I was frustrated because I wanted to teach and not just babysit.  When the first school didn’t support me in methodology, lesson planning, or even behavior management I changed schools, and was disappointed to find the same situation yet again.  I felt that the only way I could make an impact would be to teach children one at a time, so I started tutoring privately. I found it so satisfying to plan lessons with the needs of just one child in mind, and to be able to adapt the lessons on the spot to grab that individual child’s attention.  It was fun to make the lessons enjoyable for the children, to get into a child’s mindset, and find playful ways to introduce and elicit language skills. They were happy to learn and I was happy to teach.

Before long, my phone was ringing off the hook. I had accidentally found a hole in the market. Children love learning when it’s fun. Parents loved seeing the results and knowing their children were in safe hands after school.  It was working, but with limited hours between the end of the school day and dinner time, I could only help so many families. So when my little students got old enough for gymnasium, I decided to invest my newly found free-time into teaching other teachers what I do.  A year later Organic English was born.

Our cooperative of native-speaking English teachers has changed since then, but our standards haven’t.  We are all native English speakers, University graduates, and certified English teachers. We are experienced with children, and love the pleasure of working with them and watching them grow.  We are dedicated to our students and their families, and their personal and academic success is our priority.

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